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Step Into Efficiency With Scale 

Scale computing’s hyperconverged infrastructure combines computing and storage, minimizing hardware costs, and its simplified licensing model reduces the financial burden compared to VMware’s complex licensing. This makes Scale Computing a more cost-effective solution for organizations seeking efficient and economical IT infrastructure. You can also expect to reduce downtime by up to 99%!

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What is Edge Computing?

Edge computing encompasses any physical computing infrastructure intentionally located outside the four walls of the data center. Storage and compute resources can be placed where they are needed while hosted on a minimal hardware footprint. Infrastructure at the edge collects, processes, and reduces vast quantities of data, acting as a high-performance bridge from local computing to both private and public clouds. PCA partners with industry leaders like Scale Computing to help you navigate the digital transformation as seamlessly as possible.

Scale Computing Celebrates 10 Years of Hyperconverged IT Leadership

In the intervening ten years, Scale Computing has been widely recognized by end-users and industry analysts alike for its innovative technology, leadership, and award-winning customer support. With an obsessive focus on customer success, Scale Computing is one of the highest rated HCI solutions in the market, amassing more than 1,300 positive end-user reviews. Learn more here!

Company Overview 

Scale Computing engineered the Scale Computing Platform, an IT infrastructure solution that allows organizations to do more with less. Scale Computing HyperCore software eliminates the need for traditional IT silos of virtualization software, disaster recovery software, servers, and shared storage, replacing these with a fully integrated, highly available platform for running applications. Request to speak with a PCA team member to learn if Scale solutions are a right fit for your current IT environment.

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