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We are a true IT company.


PCA Technology Group is here to guide you to resolution. Our genuine approach to understand your business is what sets us apart from other IT companies. We do this by truly listening to the needs of your organization and simplifying the entire experience when it comes to leveraging technology for your operations. It’s our mission to help guide you to succeed in this hybrid work environment.

We have been serving customers like you since 1989. We primarily work with small to mid-sized businesses across a variety of industries while being headquartered in Buffalo, New York. Our reach extends throughout the Western New York region, and across upstate New York. As your business expands, we’ll go wherever you need us to go. We become a true extension to your team that you can trust. You can visit our blog to read our dedicated promise to you.

30 Years of Experience

A Message From PCA

We hope 2022 is off to a strong start for you all!

At PCA, we are excited to take things up a notch for our clients! As you embrace a new year and navigate challenges, we will be right there with you… passionate to listen, diligent to discover, prudent in recommendations, excellent at implementation, committed to empowering continuous improvements for your organization.

Service Excellence. We wrapped up December with a 5-star customer satisfaction rating. Focusing forward in 2022, we will continue to invest in your experience by adding additional staff and leadership to our Service Desk team. 

Project Execution. To help your business agility during turbulent times and supply chain challenges, PCA is dedicating staff for onboarding and project assignments. 

Strengthening your Cybersecurity Posture. 2021 was a record year for cyberattacks and experts warn of a continued uptick in volume and techniques. We are focused on ensuring you have the right technologies to meet these risks and we will help with:  

  • Cyber Insurance Mandates. Ensuring your cyber readiness.
  • Cyber Response. What to do if you suspect you have been compromised.
  • IT Policies. Providing resources and guidance as you build your policies.
  • Cyber Alerts. A place to get information on current threats.
  • User Awareness. Cyber Podcasts & User Awareness Trainings.

Enhanced Microsoft 365 Knowledge Center. Most of us are just scratching the surface, utilizing a fraction of the capabilities of this suite of applications. While you focus on your business, we’ll unwrap the power by sharing tips, tricks and how-to’s.

Cloud Computing. Over 86% of us have at least one application in the cloud yet only 23% use 3rd party solutions to backup critical data in those systems. Regardless of whether a system is on-premise or in the cloud, our technology consultants will ensure you have the optimal strategy for (1) administration, (2) security, and (3) backups/business continuity.  

The last couple years have been about adapting and survival for many organizations and we were there to help you get through it. Focusing forward, 2022 is about turning the corner and empowering your success. There’s a lot to look forward to – let’s do this together!  

You could choose anyone. Why us?


PCA continues to adapt and help small to medium sized businesses across WNY. In fact, we reduced one organization’s recurring cost by 35% during the pandemic. We mean it when we say we can help you, even during some of the most challenging times. Similar to how we hold ourselves to our core values, we hold ourselves to these three categories as well. 

Customer Focused

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Brian Powell

Chief Technology Officer