We Are A True IT Company


PCA Technology Group is here to guide you to resolution. Our genuine approach to understand your business is what sets us apart from other IT companies. We do this by truly listening to the needs of your organization and simplifying the entire experience when it comes to leveraging technology for your operations. It’s our mission to help guide you to succeed in this hybrid work environment.

We have been serving customers like you since 1989. We primarily work with small to mid-sized businesses across a variety of industries while being headquartered in Buffalo, New York. Our reach extends throughout the Western New York region, and across upstate New York. As your business expands, we’ll go wherever you need us to go. We become a true extension to your team that you can trust. You can visit our blog to read our dedicated promise to you.

Top Managed Services Provider Buffalo NY running on EOS

Running on EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) provides PCA with the framework and tools necessary to maintain a sharp and efficient edge in serving our clients. By embracing EOS’s clear and structured approach to organizational management, we streamline processes, enhance communication, and foster accountability across all levels. You can learn more about EOS here.

How PCA Was Born


In 1989, PCA Technology Group, Inc. (PCA) was founded by a group of four individuals with a passion for technology. At that time, back-to-back revolutions (first the PC revolution and then the client-server revolution) threw businesses into turmoil. The focus on the desktop and personal productivity introduced new procurement, implementation, and support challenges that organizations and their traditional IT partners were not ready for. Next came the rise of the internet and network computing leaving businesses, particularly small and mid-sized companies, unable to keep pace with the ever-accelerating change in IT.

In the city that started Buffalo wings, the four had the secret sauce – combine strategic thinking skills with an obsession for customer service to guide companies to succeed with technology.

Taking the leap to leave their existing jobs in a local consultancy, PCA was born. We immediately attracted some of our previous clients to join the new company and rapidly attracted new clients who faced the challenge of not fully harnessing the potential of technology in their operations. Our service model has proven instrumental in guiding us toward constructing continuous improvement processes, ultimately empowering us to achieve success by unlocking the untapped capabilities of technology. 

A Message From Our CEO

“As we continue to dive into 2024, I am filled with gratitude. I want to express my sincere appreciation for your continued support. At PCA, our team remains committed to exceeding your expectations with enhanced products and services. We are passionate about delivering value, fostering innovation, and being your strategic partner. We’re excited about the year ahead and the opportunity to grow even more together. Please know your feedback plays a crucial role in shaping our roadmap for the future and it is always welcomed. Thank you for trusting us.” – Mike Olfano

You Could Choose Anyone. Why Us?


PCA continues to adapt and help small to medium sized businesses across WNY. In fact, we reduced one organization’s recurring cost by 35% during the pandemic. We mean it when we say we can help you, even during some of the most challenging times. Similar to how we hold ourselves to our core values, we hold ourselves to these three categories as well. 

Customer Focused

Trusted Advisor

Cultural Strengths


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