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The way it works is simple. If you refer qualified business to PCA, you earn a gift card to a local business. If your referral becomes a new client for PCA, we will buy lunch for your team. You also have the option for us to donate either of your earnings to a local charity on your behalf! You can make a referral by reaching out directly to anyone at PCA or by filling out the form below. Thank you in advance!

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What is a PCA qualified referral?

Software Development: PCA Targets the C-level decision makers in small to medium sized businesses – 25 to X,000 number of employees – with no specific geographic limitation – to serve the need of having customized, automated solutions to help focus on daily operations.

Networking: PCA targets decision makers in small businesses – typically between 25 and 125 seats – headquartered within 1 hour of Buffalo, New York – to serve those who value IT and are seeking a skilled and reliable leader to drive their technology needs.

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