Leading Communication Platform

The new workplace is a hybrid of in-person and virtual, so it’s critical that you have a flexible communications system that can bring your team together—while also creating more meaningful interactions with customers. Broadvoice is a business cloud communication platform for cross-channel collaboration including phone, SMS, video and chat.

Cloud PBX: Simplified Management

Untether your team from their desk phones and give them the power to provide deeper customer experiences and seize on opportunities more effectively with a cloud business phone system. Your team can call, text, chat, initiate video calls, and even check virtual voicemail and fax from one window. Admins and users have access to a simple dashboard for business and individual phone settings.

Call Path Model

Some organizations have departments or locations with employees that do very little calling, e.g. retail stores, auto dealers, and manufacturers. Depending on calling patterns, you may only need one call path for every 3, 4 or more employees. That means you don’t really need to purchase a hosted seat for every user, which can cut your costs.

SIP Trunking

Keep your existing hardware and eliminate your landlines for more flexible and affordable cloud-based business phone service. SIP trunks replace your phone lines with the internet service you already have. You can automatically add capacity to handle large bursts in traffic or time to scale!

Additional Resources

See what cloud communications can do for your bottom line. Our experienced engineers know everything there is to know about what Broadvoice can do for your business. These resources will provide additional information and the PCA team is here to answer any questions you have.

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